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DEAL: Subway $5 6" Sub Of The Day ($8 Footlong

Subway Canada has launched a new promotion to get that belly of yours to be warm and full. The Subs Days Deals are back, and for a limited time you can enjoy a different 6" sub each day for just $3.99.This is similar to their Sub of the Day promo, but slightly different.

Subway $6 Sub of the Day Deal - ValueGrub

Subway Launches "$6 Footlong Sub of the Day" Deal | Brand Eating. Feb 28, 2017 1/1/18 - While the Sub of the Day deal may be available at select locations, Subway is currently running a $4.99 Footlong Deal for a limited time

Subway Launches "$6 Footlong Sub of the Day" Deal | Brand

very very very bad customer service in Eaton center Toronto Subway. first of fall staff is very rud e the lady who make the Sub when she closing the sub all the vegetables are falling and when I try to correct her she not in a mood to listen instead listen she start arguing.

Subway Sub Of The Day | Fast Food Deals

While based on the original 6-inch “$3.50 Sub of the Daydeal, the new “$6 Footlong Sub of the Day” promotion features a different Footlong sub priced at the discounted price of $6 for each day of the week.

Canadian Daily Deals: Subway: Sub of the Day $6 Footlong

Subway on Facebook Subways most iconic deal just got a dollar more expensive. The sandwich chain announced on Tuesday that it would be offering a $6 deal on all classic footlong subs.

Subways new $6 deal includes drink, chips - USA TODAY $6 deal of the day subway

For their latest promotion, Subway have refreshed their Sub of the Day deal! Available at participating stores only, for $5 for a six inch or $8 for a footlong, you’ll get your choice of a new sub every single day!

Subway offering $6 footlong - Business Insider

Subway has a sub of the day special at many stores with footlong subs or combos for $5 to $6. At stores which participate in deal, the price is typically $4.99 or $5.99 for a footlong sub or for a combo with a six-inch sub of the day, chips and drink.

Subway Canada: Different 6" Sub Each Day For $4!

Now for a limited time only, Subway is offering a $6 Footlong Sub of the Day Deal! They’ll be featuring a different Footlong sub each day of the week for just $6.

Subway $6 Footlong Sub of the Day Coupon $6 deal of the day subway

$6 Deal of the Day Menu Footer. Our menu footers are designed to showcase your special promotions along the bottom of your Subway menu boards.

Deal Of The Day Subway | Subway Launches 6 - 25cal.net

***Edit - Click here for the current 2016 Subway Sub of the Day post information. We had Subway for dinner tonight and I noticed a great deal they have on now.

Subway - Official Site $6 deal of the day subway

The Subway Sub of the Day is and was one of the greatest and most well known fast food promotions of all time. The Subway Sub of the Day promotion does vary by location with local favorites sometimes being chosen over another sub in the weekly lineup.

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