heineken james bond deal

Bollinger, Heineken Among Luxury Brands Paying $97 Million

So James Bond will be dropping his signature drink (the shaken, not stirred martini) for a Heineken. The $45 million dollar deal places Heineken in the hands of one of the most epic heroes of all time.

BBC - Culture - Does Bond’s product placement go too far?

James Bond has always been a materialistic man. You can’t be a top spy without enjoying the finer things in life, after all. His cars, armoury and suits have always been of utmost sophistication

James Bond swaps his Vodka Martini for a pint of Heineken

Heineken has paired Daniel Craig with a female side-kick in its new $100m (£64m) global ad campaign ahead of the next James Bond film Spectre, a timely coincidence weeks after the 007 actor

Daniel Craig shaken by Bonds beer deal - news.com.au

Daniel Craig defends James Bonds beer-sipping in the next film, following a product placement deal with Dutch brewer Heineken. He also says he asked Sam Mendes to direct the project

James Bond Speaks: Heineken Deal Unfortunate, Necessary

Daniel Craig has spoken out about James Bond switching from his signature “shaken, not stirred” martini to Heineken in the upcoming movie “Skyfall.” The actor has called the move

James Bond Switches to Heineken After $45M Deal :: TV

Advertisement of Heineken with Daniel Craig, James Bond in the Skyfall Movie!Advertisement by Heineken, featuring James Bond also indicates free advertisement for the Movie itself.

Ex-James Bond OUTRAGED Over Heineken Deal - New 007s a

James Bonds famous drink order — "shaken, not stirred" — may not be uttered in the next 007 movie. As Heineken closes in on a product placement deal with the newest Daniel Craig James Bond film, one ex-James Bond actor is outraged over the "sell-out."

Daniel Craig stars in Heineken campaign ahead of new James heineken james bond deal

James Bond is as synonymous with brands as with sex and car chases. But does advertising in the films go over the top? Nicholas Barber crunches the numbers.

Ex-James Bond OUTRAGED Over Heineken Deal -- New 007 - TMZ heineken james bond deal

Heineken released a new ad that features James Bond and the newest “Bond girl” enjoying a nice, cold Heineken beer. The deal has created quite a stir among Bond fans. For the past 23 films

Bond causes a stir with taste for beer in Skyfall | Film

Is it really impossible for our man to drink two different drinks in a 2+ hour-long film?

Videos of heineken james bond deal

movies; Daniel Craig shaken by Bonds beer deal. DANIEL Craig has said it is unfortunate that James Bond will switch from his signature martini to Heineken in the upcoming movie Skyfall.

Cute Heineken Beer Commercial, with James Bond!!!! - YouTube

James Bond famously enjoys a Martini — “shaken, not stirred” — but in the next installment of the movie franchise, Bond is much more likely to be seen drinking a cold beer or a glass of

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