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For our broadband and line rental contracts, the fixed price applies to the broadband and line rental monthly price only (excludes other services such as call plans, call charges and add-ons).
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Historically, if you used another service for calls (while still paying BT for line rental) you were able to make chargeable calls by dialling the prefix 1280 which routed calls through BT, keeping the caller ID service free. Its no longer possible to do this with all providers, so ditch caller ID to keep costs down.
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† Contract discount compares the promotional price currently offered across all services (broadband, line rental, TV, etc.) against the monthly cost of the same package without promotions
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Award-winning, unlimited broadband with no mid-contract price rises. Our award-winning, value-packed Broadband covers all the essentials. It’s great for homes with just a handful of devices browsing Facebook, doing the weekly shop or streaming.
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Phone line rental: Line rental is currently £19 a month. Line Rental Saver: £196 for 12 months line rental must be paid in advance by debit/credit card. Only available to customers renewing an existing Line Rental Saver plan for a Virgin Media cable phone line and agreeing to a new 12 months minimum period across all services.
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Sky Network and fibre areas only. New Sky Broadband, Talk & line rental customers only. Speeds vary significantly by location. Average download speed shown for fixed line
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In the era of mobile phones, Skype and other internet phone call services, broadband without line rental deals are sure to become more and more popular in years to come. Mobile broadband
Discover the best Fibre Broadband deals from Vodafone
The majority of broadband only deals offered by Irish providers do need an active phone line to deliver a broadband connection. Broadband providers charge for this line rental which is included in the monthly advertised price - even if you don’t use a home phone.
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We are currently running a promotion for new telephone line installations - it costs only £44.95 to install a new home phone (our normal price is £118.80 and BT™ charge £140.00 for line rental customers and £49.95 for broadband customers).
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However, most providers still make you take out a standard line rental deal as if youd use the phone rather than a discounted price for broadband only. There are a limited number of broadband-only deals, mainly from Virgin Media, but these are usually expensive (though when it has a hot deal well feature it below) so its almost always cheaper to get a broadband and landline package.
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Compare broadband without phone line. You can get broadband without a phone line and it could save you money. Compare broadband only deals to find one that lets you connect to the internet without the cost of line rental.

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