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I load up Prison Architect on a laptop and start the first campaign, which involves executing a prisoner on death row. The intro plays and is showing off different locations of the prison.

Prison Architect Gang War 2 – Part 2 – The Stage Is Set

Prison Architect. All Discussions how do i deal with gang members im tired of them keep attacking my common rooms and yards so they can have control over it how can i make them not attempt it as much right after they come out of lockdown or solitary Last edited by Dire; Jul 14, 2016 @ 4:17pm < > Showing 1-12 of 12 comments Colqhoun. Jul 14, 2016 @ 4:23pm I think only the second rank (two

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The Great Escape reference is significant. Prison Architect isnt aiming to simulate a real-world prison, but the idea of prisons as they exist in the public consciousness.

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Gangs exist for no other reason then to make things difficult for you, the warden. If 1 gang member gets in a fight all other gang mebers close by will join in.

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Gangs accumulate money from non gang members this way, and will use the money to buy equipment such as stolen weapons. From time to time a lieutenant will arrange a Play to revisit the territory with a group of soldiers, as a show of force.

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Before a phone tap can be installed in your prison, surveillance must be researched in the bureaucracy tab. The information gathered from phone taps will not be …

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Prison Architect is a superbly well designed and built management simulator! Different residents of your prison There are 3 varieties of a prisoner: low security, normal security and max security.

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And that is, essentially, what Prison Architect is all about. The player wont just watch a riot develop - the player will be charged with stopping it. The player wont just watch gangs form off

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Prison Architect Gang War 2 - Part 1: Were building a massive facility for over 3,000 prisoners for Prison Architect gangs to fight to the death! This series continues LIVE and posts heavily condensed versions of live streams here on YouTube - See it live on Twitch here: ----- Add Charlies Stream schedule to your Google Calendar! MODS

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A subreddit for anything related to Prison Architect, a game made by Introversion Software, an independent game studio, and recently ported to consoles by …

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Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville Rebuild a ruined city in this post-apocalyptic mix of strategy and simulation. Manage survivors, scavenge for food and supplies, deal with rival gangs, illness, interpersonal strife and zombie attacks.

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