royal antwerp hooligans

Interview with a member of Antwerp Casual Crew – Izquierda

Antwerp mayors hooligan ban Royal Antwerps Bosuilstadion faces restrictions The mayor of the Belgian port city of Antwerp has taken the radical step of banning late evening football matches where there are risks of hooliganism.

Royal Antwerp FC – The Great Old

royal antwerp hooligans
Royal Antwerp F.C., currently playing in the Belgian First Division, were founded in 1880 and is known as The Great Old for being the first club registered to the Royal Belgian Football Association in 1895.

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The first Belgian hooligan group to be founded is believed to be a group of Royal Antwerp fans, who became known as ‘X-Side’ following a match against-Aston Villa in 1975. The accepted genealogy according to X- Side members is that the Antwerp supporters were attacked by a group of English Hooligans, so they organized in order to defend themselves against future provocation. Current list

Antwerp police takes fourteen hooligans on

Angry Antwerp fans staged riots after their team missed the league title in the second division. After the final whistle, Antwerp fans invaded the pitch and attacked Eupen fans.

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Since 1975, when it kicked off so huge with English hooligans in the European match between Antwerp and Aston Villa, the X-Side, which would later become the Antwerp Casual Crew, was founded in the Belgian city of Antwerp.

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This weekend, Club Brugge hosted and defeated Royal Antwerp in Belgium’s top soccer division. Presumably, this unremarkable feat should’ve inspired fans to calmly return to their homes afterwards.

Freefight Willem II & Antwerp Hooligans - Dutch Belgium

Belgium 2016 According to the Belgian newspaper (“Gazet Van Antwerpen”), this year, hooligans from various clubs, they have plans to protect New Year’s Eve party in Antwerp, against possible attacks from islamist or terrorist.

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royal antwerp hooligans
Belgium Club Brugge – East Side[1] RSC Anderlecht – O Side[1] Royal Antwerp F.C. – X Side[2] Bosnia and Herzegovina FK Sarajevo – Horde Zla[3]

Royal Antwerp – Eupen 30.04.2016 |

Freefight Willem II & Antwerp Hooligans vs Zenit Hooligans! (20 vs 20) After 1 min. Zenit wins!

BBC SPORT | EUROPE | Antwerp mayors hooligan ban

The Antwerp public prosecutor confirms that fourteen suspects Thursday for the examining judge are guided in an examination of so-called ‘free fights’, disputes that previously agreed. It comes to supporters of football clubs, royal Antwerp and Beerschot Wilrijk. According to parketwoordvoerster Sylvie Of …

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